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You have heard whispers of a group who promises, an end to the ordinary life.  Following scant clues... you find the "SPACE BAR" leading you too a meeting that will change your life!  Things are not always what they seem, and you are learning to question the true nature of reality....  Now you must complete these unusual tasks of seeking into dungeons and refill them with treasure.....   Sound is required as the game uses voice over instead of text,   a,s,d,w or arrow keys to move, shift to run, alt to toggle full screen. Controller support was added for Xbox game-pads, 'A' to run, 'X' to use Cloak, 'Y' to skip voice overs, 'Left Thumb '  stick to move.  This is my first every game made with out following Tutorials.   The game has multiple endings, but only one path will unlock the Hidden Knowledge. 

Lighting code:Copyright (c) 2018 http://thecode.cafe


NPCs1.1.zip 78 MB


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Ooh I had fun playing this! I like the gameplay concepts and how they're introduced! Narrative is at that perfect level where it is not too overdone or not too bad. Works well for the game! Great job on this!

The only critic I have is that the game is long enough for me to warrant a save feature :)

Thanks! I would love to add a save feature,  I had one in mind, but as new programmer “less then two weeks old” I was not sure how to go about it. I had to cut so much of my ideas due to inexperience, it’s a shame,  I might revisit this game idea after I have some more experience, I would love to see it fleshed out, with more metal gear solid type game play.  Hiding under objects, knocking on walls/throwing stones to distract enemies. I am just glad you liked what I did end up with.  Did you get the hidden knowledge ending?